Sissu Tarka

Computer-screen based with netscape open and on a news page (http://news.bbc.co.uk/)

Interactive piece for your personal computer at home

WICKED is object-based. The user clicks on the icon on the desktop. Nothing seems to happen. The artist has programmed a doubling of the screen. The image that appears is a double of the actual screen, a direct-image. The strangely-designed cursor is a tool that invites you to make formal changes of/on the surface. You are asked to distort your screen, to use it as a plane with which to interact. It is almost like a painting, or sculptural dimension that the image possibly becomes, - depending on the personal pre-existing screen image. A time-code limits the interaction - it must be of a predetermined interval in order for the piece to be effective. The user might be astonished or shocked that her screen - by touch - loses its contour, that she/he loses control over the interface. An evil virus might have invaded the system. After 30 seconds a message appears: "The computer system has been corrupted. Please refer to the manufacturer to reconfigure the system firmware". Then, the image is replaced by a black screen, which lasts a few seconds before the movie ends.

WICKED engages with question of: (fear of) losing control (the ambiguous relation to technology, the user is always confronted with a likely virus or something that 'destroys' her/his computer hardware); doubling; the physicality of the computer screen; the use of time: the moment in relation to a narrative; losing authorship (no control over the piece and its use); the 'black screen'.

The specific software used in this piece for doubling the pre-existing screen, gives the work the structure of a dynamic work that infinitely changes. As soon as one finds out the mechanism of the piece, one can prepare a 'nice' screen, and play with it.

The piece is most effective with the news page open when (the meaning of the) daily news are constantly de-formed, or re-configured by the inter-active viewer/user.


wicked_goo.zip (PC)   wicked.dmg (Mac)


  1. Ensure that netscape is open and on a news page (www.news.bbc.co.uk), then click on the little icon on the desktop.

  2. After a few seconds the screen becomes interactive. Transform and distort the screen-image: play with it, 'paint', create a 3d object!****

  3. A time-code limits your interaction. Unfortunately the software will corrupt the system and will have to be terminated. A pop up will inform you of this, press ok to continue. You have lost control over the piece/its use.

  4. The screen will be black for about 10 - 15 seconds then it will have reset. Start again, play, transform differently.

The movie changes with your pre-existing screen. Thus it is multiple and never the same. You can choose any screen-image you prefer and preform the action. The piece is most effective with the news page when (the meaning of the) daily news are constantly de-formed by the inter-active viewer/user.

Model for an infinitely changing digital piece with the image of your choice.