In Support Of Art And Democracy

Celine Condorelli

Dear Peter,

i am including a pdf of "in support of art and democracy" which seems to be a very appropriate contribution to /seconds. This was initially commissioned for the PEER: art and democracy publication, and it is a pdf of 11 spreads.

for this piece we have been thinking about an organisation of democracy based on methodology:

1 offer support

2 define a brief

3 ask a question

4 pursue conversation

5 build an archive

6 navigate the terrain

7 construct a framework

8 mark a place and time

9 play a game

10 evaluate your tools

11 choose an unacceptable colour

This methodology is explored through the structure of world/domination games as rules and advice to be applied- becoming a a game in its own right of sorts, a selection and ordering of rules into a new order for ruling. World domination games reflect particular political times and climates, and the evolution of their rules follows quite closely developments in human and constitutional rights especially since WW2 of course. the rules included in the piece are mostly from post WW2, some of which were invented especially to integrate within everyday life a new thinking about the world which was to take place with the new international organisations. The choices of the promotion of a new ethics, or a particular way to think the ethical is both supported and made absurd by the inevitable quandrum of the winning, how does one win and what?