Incipient Stages of Useful Structures

Roger Cremers

(A series of photographs of my dad’s workshop and my studio.)

Sometimes clusters of time and space assemble themselves as a residue of their own progression. This way places of creation, of work and thought build up and form seemingly irrational structures.

In a world that pretends to be ruled by order, these places look out of order, madman's lairs or an asocial’s debris.

Of course there is the difference of seeming chaos in a living or working space, the proces of creation (physical work) has the inevitable side effect of creating a debris. Besides that, the necessary tools and materials grow on the working area as the hand and mind do their work. All elements together form structures of thought and creation into a private universe of inherent beauty.

Growing up as a son and grandson of a mechanic, between tools, parts, bits and pieces of past and future necessities, I was always struck by the beauty in the order of the workspace. My granddad’s workspace remains only as a distant memory, but my dad’s space is still in working order, and it seems that I follow the way of succession.

Roger Cremers, Susteren/Amsterdam 2007