About Platoniq

Platoniq is a group of cultural producers, media artists and software developers based in Barcelona that organizes independent community media projects, using their computer and technical skills into social commitment. More specifically, Platoniq's main interests are community-building tools, social software and networked strategies for public spaces. It straddles the fields of communication, digital creation and criticism, seeking to create bridges between the work of cultural agents and producers. Platoniq's principal goal is the interaction between the new technologies, popular culture and the social event, with the intention of establishing connections between Internet/new media and public physical space. On this basis, Platoniq researches into the possible social uses of technology and online work, in order to find more effective strategies which would be able to develop new forms of communication, formation, self-organisation, new types of work or citizen participation.

About the project Bank of Common Knowledge (BCK)

The Bank of Common Knowledge - Cambridge A collective platform for Knowledge exchange and mutual education A project initiated by Platoniq

The Bank of Common Knowledge opens a new office in Cambridge on the 18th of April as Platoniq's contribution to the exhibition "Seja Marginal, Seja Herói" in Wysing Arts Centre.

The Bank of Common Knowledge wants to allow people conscious of the value of knowledge to assemble, produce, create and transmit in new communication and exchange circuits, free from restrictive hierarchical roles.

You are very welcome to participate and send us or recommend us DIY manuals (text, audio, video), experts, reports of similar experiences etc.

The Bank of Common Knowledge is organized as an open source model of knowledge transfer, a laboratory for inventing and trying out new forms of production, education, organization and distribution, involving new roles for producers and receivers, experts and amateurs, teachers and students, as well as new relationships between the production of image, text, and audio material and their subsequent diffusion in the public space.

From March to April, work will be done to ascertain the knowledge needs of various citizen associations and cultural organizations of Cambridge and abroad, in order to compile a directory of requests and proposals on the basis of which The Bank of Common Knowledge will be able to configure the nodes of the exchange network.

In order to organize and open this process, the Wysing Arts gallery space will serve both as BCKC's basecamp (HQ) and an open office which will inform and show the results of the investigation and will enable users to suggest, express their knowledge demands and offers and see them resolved during the time of the exhibition.

Visitors will not only be able to gain access to and consult material related to culture, new technologies, languages, legal and administrative matters, etc, but they will also be presented with a series of related activities such as demos, lectures, workshops and music and radio performances. (schedule to be published).

Lastly, on Saturdays 21st of April and 5th of May, a wide range of consultants, experts, profesional citizens and useful archives will be assembled both face to face and online to set up a cultural object market in which professionals and amateurs will be able to barter with their accumulated knowledge and experience.

The Bank of Common Knowledge project aims to be an experiment in exchange and gift economy, a testing ground to generate the necessary codes to regulate and structure the revaluating and recycling of informal and "marginal" knowledge, that is, knowledge generated by inventive amateur practices, ranging from short wave radio communities, Free wireless networkers, to Collective Housing etc.

3. Video samplers of BCK

This is a selection of videos recorded in a first experience of BCK in Barcelona, an example of some of the possibilities of this project that continues this spring in Cambridge. Welcome to join in!

Share Knowledge

Gregers Petersen


Julia Robinson

Building a handmade stereo microphone

Carlos Gómez


Promo about Bank of Common Knowledge in Barcelona (Spanish)