Alessandra Poggianti

These images are from Suitcase Illuminated#5 on Parallel Economy A project by Alessandra Poggianti and Katia Anguelova

Surasi Kusolwong

(1965, Ayutthaya, Thailand. Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand)
1000 Lire Market (Life Goes On), 2001, 6'
Courtesy Galleria Continua, San Gimignano, Italy

Diego Medina

(1969, Guadalajara, Mexico. Lives and works in New York)
Bomba Caribe, 2006, 6'

Suitcase illuminated 5 invitation

Designed by regeneracion -

Suitcase illuminated is a project realized by Katia Anguelova e Alessandra Poggianti that proposes itself as a video node and container for different video researches and compilations. Suitcase illuminated hosts projects of its own and from third parties. It proposes a global itineration to outline an immaterial and nomadic geography. Suitcase illuminated is a mobile platform that can be inserted in pre-existent contexts or it can define new ones. Suitcase illuminated assumes video compilations as a node that opens further perspectives through the occupation of the expositive space, and that generates multiple relations and connections.

Suitcase Illuminated #5 on Parallel Economy:

Illegal, non-stated, clandestine, unofficial, invisible, underground, unstructured, parallel, tolerated, double, autonomous, phantasmatic, communal, alternative... the list continues. These are some terms that without the pretension of being exhaustive qualify the complexities of informal economy.

With this premise Suitcase illuminated #5 displays a research, which first outcome is a video compilation of artists that document, investigate or practice contemporary forms of informal economy. These practices adopt strategies to "understand", "to tell", "confront" and "insert themselves into" this complex phenomenon.

Ljubljana and Paris' stops present a first phase that will broaden up creating a mobile video archive on informal economy.

Suitcase Illuminated #5 is set up as an occasion to reflect on how art practice approaches or responds to different issues brought up by contemporary economies.

Alessandra Poggianti born in Livorno (Italy), she lives and works as an independent critic and curator between Milan and Mexico. Since 2005 she has been working with Katia Anguelova as a curatorial group, as well as a part of the curatorial board of Isola Art & Community Center in Milan