A personal view of the world

Alessandro Moreschini


East And West, 2004


Emergency Staircase, 2004


Pneuma, 2003

With the industrial revolution, the logic of the profit and the exploitation of the resources and the masses has been diffused, and such model has imposed like economic development able to assure job and food for all. The beneficiary of all that has been exclusively the body, to spirit's cost which in the greater part of the industrial cultures has survived exclusively as heritage of faith or as passive adhesion to religious creeds lived through the media (always ready to document and to transmit phenomena of pseudo-miraculous nature).

The western society perceives the religion like a waste of time, exceeded from the consumer belief and since long time gods only exist in order to satisfy the material needs of the body. Maybe all that, has a more ancient origin than what we are inclined to believe, and as we know from the history, God became man, he became real through a body, as the western iconography has documented across the centuries. On the contrary, the eastern culture has always perceived God like an immaterial entity, not combinable to the human body. The different perception between the west and east cultures, brings me to think that the western people want God to be similar to us. On the contrary, the eastern culture deny the possibility of a human similarity, associating God to intangible geometries like in the mosques, or to divinities who regularly reveal themselves through the forces of the nature.

It's an artistic reflection that, in addition to describe the surrounding world, looks into itself to search for a probable way of out (if any exists) to all that we refuse in the contemporary world (Emergency Staircase).

A personal view of the world and of the life with which he filters themes like the meeting with different cultures and more generically with the Others (East and West) where the hands, decorated with motives that remember the Arab women hands decorations, contain a home, symbol of security, belonging and of identity, and a miniaturized terrestrial globe as to show the limits of the Globalization process.

In short a conceptualism that, conscious of own aesthetic limits (Pneuma) recovers a very visual enjoyment dimension.