Jessica Voorsanger's Celebrity Question

Jessica Voorsanger


1. (For week of 5 December 2006)

Which actor was arrested yesterday (Monday, December 4th) in North Salem, New York and charged with Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).

This, 75-years-old actor, was arrested after his car was involved in an accident and police were called. He refused to cooperate with the cops and would not submit to a blood-alcohol test.

Here’s your hint: He has starred in numerous movies including “Men in Black” and “Dodgeball.”

2. (For week of 12 December 2006)

Daniel Craig managed to raise many temperatures playing poker in a dashing tuxedo in the latest Bond film, Casino Royale, and now the suit has managed to raise thousands for charity. How much did the tuxedo sell for and which charity was it?

3. (For week of 19 December 2006)

Which celebrity was voted to be the ‘Worst Celebrity Dog Owner’ earlier today? The dubious title came after readers of two dog magazines were polled.

4. (For week of 2 January 2007)

Which celebrity couple was ‘married’ in Thailand over the holidays?

The lovers had water sprinkled over their heads as a Thai priest pronounced them man and wife. Friends and family clapped and cheered — even though the New Year’s Day union at a villa overlooking a Phuket beach is NOT legally binding in the UK. Their REAL wedding is tipped to take place on January 18th

5. (For week of 9 January 2007)

Celebrity Big Brother is back full force! What TV show is contestant Dirk Benedict most famous for? Is it…

a) The A Team
b) The B Team or
c) The C Team

6. (For week of 16th January 2007)

Which 3 housemates from the Celebrity Big Brother house (London Edition) have escaped? – (escaped NOT evicted!)

Just to refresh your memories….they left by: leaping over a wall, sneaking out of the back door of the Diary Room and using a broom to force open a mirrored door in the garden!

7. (For week of 23rd January 2007)

Because of the ridiculous antics in the Big Brother house this week, the celebrity question from last week has been cancelled.

This Week’s Question: Which (ex) Spice Girl ‘habla espanol’, named her first born after a borough in New York City, is moving to Tinsel Town and her husband is going to play for the ‘galaxy’?

8. (For week of 6th February 2007)

Which (ex) Friends star has claimed that her recent nose operation was NOT a nose job – she simply had a “septum corrected”?

9. (For week of 13th February 2007)

Valentine’s Day Eve IN HONOUR OF THE BAFTAS- Which actor pulled out of the Baftas amid claims that he had tried to become “amorous” with an air hostess on a Qantas airplane in the toilet? The Qantas stewardess said he followed her into the loo. She said: “I explained that this was inappropriate and asked him to leave. “BLANK became amorous towards me and after a short period I convinced him to leave, which he did.” Who was it????

10. (For week of 20th February 2007)

On the 70’s TV show ‘Rhoda’ what was Rhoda’s last name?

11. (For week of 27th February 2007)

Which celebrity chose Paprika Chicken as their selection in the book Celebrity Cooking? a) Peter Seller b) Zsa Zsa Gabor or c) Benny Hill

The Answers: 1. Rip Torn, 2. The tuxedo sold for £12,000 at an auction held to raise money for the children’s charity ChildLine, 3. Britney Spears was the overwhelming choice according to Hilary O’Hagan, editor of The New York Dog and The Hollywood Dog magazines, 4. Kate Moss and Pete Docherty, 5. The A Team, 6. Donny Tourette, Ken Russell and Leo Sayer (answer NOT read out on air), 7. Victoria Beckham, 8. Jennifer Aniston, 9. Ralph Fiennes, 10. Morgenstern, 11. Zsa Zsa Gabor