Bob and Roberta Smith

My American Father in law who lives in New York phoned me.
He has a new Tennis Coach.
She was in the Chinese Olympic Tennis team.
She told him
I am the Teacher you are the student
You Stink
'Your Back hand is rubbish
Your Fore hand is rubbish
Your serve is Rubbish,
You are like an Eight year old.
We start from the beginning.
He Likes her. He respects her and he
Says his tennis is getting better.
The next day I went into to the Art School to see
My students.
I said,
Your Paintings are Rubbish,
Your sculpture is Rubbish
Your drawings are rubbish,
You are like an eight year old.
We start from the beginning.
I am the teacher you are the student,
You Stink.
They complained and I have been suspended.