Human Experiments

Dan Mitchell

Sophie Politowicz (The Rebel/Wet Dog) and Dan Mitchell (Hard Mag) invite you to an evening of the pursuit of excelling in musical thrills.

As we struggle to understand:

We offer you an evening with the solution to those nuanced doubts that plague the beach of your never-ending surf to Sexy music, Bitchy DJs, Confident bar-persons, Rich clientele. Exclamation mark!

If you can not make this appointment then we wish you a night of terrifying dream sequences...

May you dream in slow-motion of your mother and ask her,

"Can I have some meat? Why did you not give me any meat?"

She will decline to answer and instead you'll take refuge in donkey-suckling, using the excess lactic fluid to soften your thighs as the animal whisperings warn you of your stampede into the future.