Mark McGowan

Artist Eats a Corgi

A Canterbury Tale

Mark McGowan started out from London Bridge on the 26th December 2005 and finished at Canterbury Cathedral on 6th January 2006

Sir Edmund Hilary, Scott of the Antarctic, Dame Helen McCarthy, Ben Fogle where are you now?

Mark McGowan is crawling on his hands and knees from London Bridge to Canterbury with a rose clenched between his teeth 18 boxes of chocolates tied around his wrists and ankles and a triangular sign on his back saying "could you love me"

Earless 2004

Mark pulled a television along the road with his ear for six miles from Milan central train station to Silvio Berlusconi's house, protesting against politicians control of the media.

Monkey Nut 2003

Mark pushed a monkey nut along the road for 7 miles with his nose, starting at Goldsmiths College in South London and ending at Number 10 Downing Street where he handed his nut in, he was protesting against student fees.

Ocean Wave Ii 2003/4

On December 28th 2003 Mark set out from Peckham in South East London and attempted to sail 400 miles to Glasgow in Scotland in a shopping trolley, along the way he collected gifts from English people intending to hand them out to the people of Scotland as a reconciliation for the William Wallace thing. He failed in his attempt after 17 days and 65 miles, due to bad weather conditions and poor equipment.