Bins and Benches

Adriana Paice

Five bins and four benches have been injected with a magic serum of life so that they can break free from their staid and fixed positions to roam free in a public square in Cambridge…

Traveling free and happy in their natural environment, they move and flock, drifting across the space. They frolic with the other species that inhabit their world, exploring their plaza.

Each bin or bench has its own personality and impulses - if it's raining a bench may decide to park up under a tree waiting for someone to sit on it; whilst on a Wednesday the bins will line up waiting to be emptied. Occasionally, they will all burst into song with the bins forming a baritone barbershop quintet and the benches a high soprano choir.

The work of art was completed in July 2006 and it is a permanent feature outside the Junction Theatre in Cambridge. It is open to the public seven days a week.