I.R.A.Q. - I Repeat A Question

Al Fadhil

Collateral Effect to the 52nd Venice Biennale

An idea, a course of action, a communicative act based on the reality of the facts.

I Repeat A Question is a legitimate interrogation that seeks its space in our mind amidst a daily life a in transformation so rapid as to make us forget our own kind, our neighbours. If the contemporary world stimulates us continually with its messages and its communication, there must still exist the possibility of repeating a question. The same question as always.

The world transforms itself, even Iraq transforms itself, moves in a direction that is more and more tragic and becomes more and more forgotten by the world artistic scene, but unforgotten of course by war profiteers.

We would have  liked to show an empty petrol-tanker in dock, entitled “Iraq Issue Pavilion” in this biennale, but politics wouldn’t allow it, so the only thing that remains is to repeat the same question:

I Repeat A Question.