The Most Dangerous Show on Earth

Trong G. Nguyen

Solo exhibition at Fruit & Flower Deli

September/October 2008, New York

Foreground: The Once and Future...

The Once and Future...

Days of the Week Paintings - 7 paintings nested behind one another and diminishing in scale

What You Get Is What You See

Diabolical No. 3


Mo' MA... Mo' PROBLEMS...

Notes from the Invisible Box of Valery Osser

Written by Nguyen, Notes from the Invisible Box of Valery Osser is a "lost chapter" to the Da Vinci Code. Narrated from the perspective of Marcel Duchamp's diary entries, Nguyen's text inserts the artist in the role of Priory of Sion grandmaster... The entire Dan Brown novel was scanned in with the page numbers, titles, and authorship digitally removed. The entire book was reprinted with Nguyen's chapter added after Chapter 79. The sides of only Nguyen's pages have been gilded.