A Visit to a Mosque

Ondrej Brody and Kristofer Paetau

After a glimpse to the facade of the mosque, we enter the vestibule and the camera concentrates on the shelves where the muslims' shoes are displayed. We follow the pairs of black shoes, observing the small individual differences of the shoes on display, scanning the shelves from top to bottom. The camera movement ends with the sight of a pair of brown cowboy boots standing on the floor under the shelves, witness of a visitor whose shoes wouldn't fit into the shelves. The provocative presence of this alien intruder is undermined by the natural and smooth character of a random observation. We find ourselves confronted with our own stereotypes created mainly by media.

"When entering the mosque, a person shall take off his shoes or sandals. Entering the mosque shall be done with the right foot first, while one utters blessings to Muhammad and his family. Once inside the mosque, two rak'as shall be performed. A person inside the mosque shall talk softly, not loudly, so that he or she does not disturb people praying. For the Friday prayer, nice clothes and perfumes are recommended."