Machine to Dream

Dark Theatre

INVITES YOU into the MACHINE to DREAM per chance

There is nothing more exciting than to know that whilst we are asleep the whole World is awake and fighting to destroy our dreams.

And then whilst the whole world is asleep and we are awake, fighting to wake it up

Then between the dream and wakefulness is the real existence


The graveyard photo represents death as a stage, drama.

The gas-mask couple represents the tortures of love.

Inesa in gas-mask with banana represents the tortures and struggles of sex and food and life within the confines of society.

Barrington in gas-mask eating breakfast cereal represents the tortures and struggles of living with intent within the shackles of society.

India represents our enlightenment through a sacrificial, religious and culturally shocking journey, witnessing the religious fanaticism and political torture of a whole continent. (PILGRIMAGE IN INDIA)

Inesa Vaiciute
Barrington De La Roche