1000 mm

Lena Lapschina

or The Bedroom Window

Two-channel video installation with sound; dimensions variable; 22 min. 33 Sec.

For over two years, Lena Lapschina points a Zenit photo camera with 1000-millimeter-hypertelelens from her bedroom window on the seventh floor of Gasometer in Vienna's Simmering district at the surroundings. What she captures

"White studies" - the explorations of daily/nightly social behaviour of the area between Ostbahn (east railway) and central cemetery - pulse across the two screens, accompanied with acid-jazz by Nuclear Los.

Lena Lapschina's message is about "the perfect place for your life" - which does not exist. Vienna is as great as areas in eastern european countries or in western european countries or in southern european countries or in northern european countries. Vienna is even as stupid as all these other areas. Just open your eyes and enjoy/see/think/cry/act/learn…

Believe it or not: It happens just in front of your bedroom window.

(In an interview about "1000mm/ or The Bedroom Window", Lena Lapschina said: "During the times of the cold war, people in Eastern-bloc states believed in the rumors, there would be a better life in the west. But soon they had to find out that life there was not more interesting, not more fun or not more boring than at home.")