The Myth_1

Aleksandar Grozdanovski

Mixed media installation

digital panoramic prints newspaper cuts cable tv

The installation "The Myth_1" is a part of my on going project "A myth of an authentic memory".

This project, in form and content sets itself on the boundary between the documented (authentic) reality and the "simulated" reality, between experience and memory, which brings down the myth of one unique memory directly to the authentic reality. By the direct influence of the media on human memory, reality perpetually gains a new connotation which reconstructs the process of creation of the personal (subjective) and in the same time objective history. Media and digital technologies have a direct influence on the perception of reality, they intervene upon it. Myth_1 is a panorama digital print, that represents a collage of five taken images, an experience of fragments of personal memory. It creates a narrative which follows the line between reality and fiction. The spectator creates a feeling for reexamining the documented reality asking the question: "Is this directed?" or "Is reality enacted?" Using the actor to enact the image it strengthens the distance towards reality and its authenticity and in the same time manipulation with it. This problem draws the question of the purpose of the Myth_1 installation and that is: "What actually is reality?" Especially today when it represents an overlap of endless layers of memory and experiences under the direct influence of media and digital technologies which equalizes and simulates life.

The second panorama digital print is a juxtaposition of the first and it represents a presence of documentary facts in the photographs taken in the streets of Kolkata. Newspaper cuts and cable TV are the third element of this installation in exhibiting space and they represent the influence of media to (re)form our perception of reality.

Aleksandar Grozdanovski
Khoj artists' residency