The British School Of Telepathy

W. B. Harvey

The British School of Telepathy operated from 1995 to 1999 when it seemed to suddenly disappear from public view.

The website which was its principal public manifestation went offlilne in the summer of 1998. It was hosted by Falmouth School of Art only because, according to their Technical Manager, one of the BST's originators, Simon Lewandowski, worked at the College. In 1999 Lewandowski failed to return to work at the end of the summer break and, when attempts to contact him brought no reply, his contract was terminated and his research records, including the British School of Telepathy site, were deleted from the server.

No other individuals involved with the project seem to have left any public record other than initials logging their involvement in "experiments". This is the same for the "subjects" of the experimentation, who were only identified by initial. Where the institute's telephone directory entry used be, there is now only the listing for the British School of Telegraphy.

Some references to the BST still exist on the internet though most have disappeared, usually along with the whole site where the reference was to be found.

Lewandowski has also disappeared from public life -- in 2000 he surfaced briefly, on a list of conference delegates from a research institute based in Kyrgyzstan in the former USSR. He was apparently part of a team carrying out a series of experiments on telekinesis and remote imaging under hypnosis, led by professor Kurmanbek Tazhiyev.

A recent visit to the site of the institute by this investigator, however, found it derelict and abandoned and, according to warning signs, dangerously radioactive.

By coincidence, though, a box file containing some BST documents recently surfaced when Lewandowski's former studio in North London was rented by a mutual friend. The box was still in a corner of the room, under a sink. The material that was still legible is reproduced below. It sheds litle light on either the validity of the work of the British School of Telepathy or the resons for its sudden disappearance.

S. W. Garnett

October 13, 2007

Item 1:

A number of photographs illustrate a device described on the reverse of one as the "telepathic Mac user interface". This is credited to "Prof. R. B." and was found with part of a hand-drawn circuit diagram which may be that of the device.

Whether the photograph shows a functioning piece of equipment or a mock-up is unclear and no examples of it have been found anywhere. The identity of "Prof. R.B" is unknown.

Also in the the box file were the following, which seem to be transcripts of audio recordings of experimental sessions. Each accompanying diagram shows one of a set of standard Zenner cards, next to a hand-drawn symbol. Zenner cards are generally used in experiments which test for telepathic communication -- usually the "recieving" subject picks out a card that he/she feels that the "sending" operator has chosen. In this case the receiver is drawing an impression of the image being sent, and additionally commenting on accompanying verbal or visual impressions. The record cards show the subjects' drawn impression and, presumably, the card chosed by the sending operator. Based on the transcripts at least one of the experimental subjects appears to be a deeply disturbed individual. The drawing "logsheets" were bundled separately to the transcripts and many of them were unreadable due to water damage. The transcripts have been matched up to the logsheets where possible.

Item 2: Log sheets and transcripts

TR: I'm seeing a kind of stick figure with its arms out to either side but you can't see the head because its bent down... yeah... looking at the drawing its kind of... kind of as one arms got a cloak or a wing on it, yes maybe its superman (laughs) no I don't think so... that's like its foot on the right side maybe its kicking... maybe its superman playing football (laughs).

TR: this is definitely spiral tracks like orbiting particles... no, you know, like, electrons and things he's sending this perception of things at a sub-atomic, like a quantum level... maybe not, maybe it's just you know a coil of wire or a letter "O"... or, no, yes, that's it he's sending me the sound of him saying "oh, oh, oh, oh,oh, oh", over again like the circles going round and round (makes circling gesture with index finger of right hand, laughs)...

B.C: it's a star... oh I guess its upside-down... maybe they were holding it that way... or maybe they're in Australia... (laughs)... no that's really dumb... can we stop now? this is boring...

FDL: this is the lightning flash logo of the Harvard Fascist society which is indeed the CIA why are you projecting this into my mind? I have been tortured telepathically by the british establishment with their scumball marines and SAS and also the british police force took part... this crime of all crime which was instituted by the CIA and british establishment entailed the rape, torture and murder of several hundred women who fell in love with me... yes I am what they call a 'realised soul'... these people were determined to destroy me because they found out my past lives by a laser digital machine which could retrieve material from my brain stem... they did not like who I had been in my past lives and they thought in this I was a broken man and thus easy to use and abuse, they found out different... the CIA then set up a system of telepathic torture with an intricate web of murder torture and any crime they could commit against me and my son... this involved the murder of people from my home town... the money the yanks made out of me was in the tune of billions... property some people left me was sold cheaply to army families and police forces... even after the murder and rape of women and children in (deleted) members of the marlborough, roosevelts and rothschilds came up to no 12 to wind me up in any way they could... the system of intimidation and torture set up was well organised... these people think I will keep quiet about what went on around that area because the authorities no how to clean up and silence any critics... there were several hundred women who had a terrible death in the (deleted) area and many of these came from scottish ruling class backgrounds... any idea that there was such a thing as democracy, human rights or justice in the west should be discounted...

FDL: a being with arms outstretched plunging earthwards... this is a crude approximation of the vision of a realised soul descending to the material realm as I have... not the so-called cross of their vile religion and I know these things because I am psychic and perhaps the last telepath on earth...this material from past lives was retreived whilst I slept... british telecom allowed special branch to intercept my phone calls... the british postal service tampered with my mail and stole anything that came my way and informed the army of women who wrote to me... the reason they wanted to prevent me from having female friends was because that was the form of torture that was chosen, sexual torture... the yanks carried this out in vietnam remember... also lloyds bank is one of the most evil institutions in the world doling out any money sent to me to the armed forces the police and others instead... I will sooner or later get evidence to proceed in the direction I need to as I demand justice not only for those who died a terrible death but for myself...

JL: he's sending me an image of water I think... waves... or a flowing river... is he somewhere near water, is that it? I suppose actually it could be the actual telepathic waves like I'm picking up a representation of the frequency or the wave pattern of the telepathic broadcast he's sending or that's just emanating, whatever it does...

JL: goodness... I don't know what this is it just came into my head... it looks a bit like a balloon... maybe its an alien's head or something (laughs)... what nonsense this all is... you boys are just having a laugh really, aren't you?