Embracing my Reality

Taline Kechichian

The result of my experiences has produced the power to represent some of the significant values of humanity. The condensation of all my thoughts has made me use my talent and power to see some human values and represent them back to humanity. My motivation is also with a conscious purpose. My idea of creating an art work similar to many others is to make people look on some fundamental values of life. Of course during the creative process, I do not focus on the work's relation to other people, rather the whole energy and focus is on the work itself, and in the process. It is a process that is so deep emotionally in a subconscious level. I first paint for myself, not that I do not care whether others appreciate my work or not just simply that it is not that this idea that governs the act of creating it, first I concentrate to create the kind of the world I want to live in while I am creating it; then to let others enjoy this feeling that I have experienced in this world. After all when these aspects have moved me, of course, it would have a meaning for other human beings too- as members of the same species, we all share the basic faculties of sense, perception and cognition, the same needs and emotions. It might on the contrary occur that some situations are so simple, that some do not even notice it in their everyday life. Selection has a big influence on the artwork. Everything from theme to subject till the brushstroke and color all these acquire the metaphysical or let us say the fundamental significance that has to be included to objectify the concepts. All these are the means to translate into concretes to make it perceptible for the human mind.