Diann Bauer

Necrotroph-optopolis: A city of scavenging eyes infected with macular degeneration / a sober and awesome spectacle / of Perspex and painted paper / a realm in which flesh and stone collide / where the ghosts of Old Masters and fevered utopian dreamers huddle together for protection from the spastic golden rays of an unforgiving sun / where fictive binary opposites melt in material confusion / a squirming mass / undifferentiated, undone and unconcerned.

In Necrotroph-optopolis Diann Bauer presents a large, site-specific installation which boasts Perspex and paper panels on corresponding curved walls bearing both abstract and figurative elements interrupted by a model of a suspended cityscape weaving it's way between them... elements that variously draw on the work and imagery of the architectural practices of Lebbeus Woods, Zaha Hadid, Coop-Hilmmelblau combined and interwoven with European History Painting... An amalgamation that proves to be a seductive vision of the inevitable triumph of entropy and decay...

Exhibited at Paradise Row, 2007.