Flatlanders 2007


When I heard that scientists were doing an experiment to try and recreate the conditions that were there at the beginning of the universe, I thought that it would be like the Breugel's painting, 'The Fall Of Icarus', where the ploughman continues ploughing the field, we probably wouldn't be taking any notice.

So I had a frock made to play the part of Themis holding a pair of perfectly balanced scales whilst riding on a swing and then spent over 12 months creating an Icarus character that both falls and flies at the same time then, using sounds recorded by scientists at *CERN in the Infusion Pump Cooling Station, with help from Milton Mermikides we created the sound of Icarus' wings beating.

The final work attempts depiction of the paradoxical nature of advanced science.

(NB.the original work is an HDV video installation)

*CERN= Centre For European Nuclear Research