My mind is all I have, I've spent my whole life trying to fill it.

Liam Scully, Katherine Tolladay, Elizabeth McAlpine, Anthony Johns, William Alexander, Greg Cox, Vanessa Scully, Michael Grime

Katharine Tolladay: _Untitled (Painting for Ming)._ Dimensions 10 x 12 oil on canvas. Gold frame

Elizabeth McAlpine: 1500 Cinematic Explosions. Video and rocket sound

Anthony Johns: _80s Icons. (Exercise)_ Felt tip on Paper.

Anthony gave his Adult English Language students a description and drawing exercise based on these famous 1980s icons.

Liam Scully: Smurf arrangement no.1 (Flash)

William Alexander and Kat Tolladay: Somewhere To Fly To. 24ft x 12ft. Acrylic and house paint on gallery wall.

William Alexander. USS Ronald Reagan. Polystyrene

William Alexander. Thatchermite Army. Polystyrene

Greg Cox, Liam Scully, William Alexander: Flying Blind on a Ratchet Strap.

20ft x 6ft x 5ft. Exercise bike, dustbins, cardboard tubes, pallets, (found materials) paint, vinyl tape, string, ratchet straps.

Vanessa Scully. Fake Fur. Dimensions Variable

Michael Grime: Untitled (Sound installation). Two groupings of speakers. Flight case. Box

William Alexander: In distant lands (The adventures of General Pinochet and President Mobutu). 10ftx 6ft. Acrylic, Oil and house paint on canvas.

William Alexander. Colouring book paintings. Golfers, Castles, Rockets. 6 A1 paintings in pairs. Oil on canvas

The collaborative process for this show involved a pooling of ideas from all the artists involved. Then certain ideas where developed into the works listed above.