The Beautiful Children

Colm Lally and Joakim Borda

Photographs from the launch of Issue 9

Preview: Friday, 3rd October 2008 6pm - late
Open 4th to 19th October, Wed to Sun, 12 - 7pm
The Wenlock Building, 50-60 Wharf Road,
London, N1 7RN, (see map below)

E:vent presents The Beautiful Children, a group exhibition of drawings; a banquet inside the belly of an Iguanodon; and a chilling return to The Night of the Hunter.

Curated by Joakim Borda and Colm Lally

Featuring work by Maurizio Anzeri (IT) / Fergal and George Brennan (IE) / E:vent (UK) / Kino Fist (UK) / ambientTV.NET with Shiho Fukuhara (UK/JP) / Foreign Investment (UK) / Chad Horn (US) / Eric Length (SE) / Cyril Lepetit (FR) / EvaMarie Lindahl (SE) / Julie Nord (DK) / /seconds (UK) / Matteo Rosa (IT) / Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully (UK) / Iv Toshain (AT)

Performances And Events

3rd Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm

5th Oct 2008, 2 - 5pm
Apocalypse! film screenings and fanzine publication from Kino Fist

12th Oct 2008, 5 - 6pm
Teatime, performance by Cyril Lepetit

12th Oct 2008, 6 - 11pm
Horror! film screenings from Liam Scully and Vanessa Scully

16th Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm
Vanishing Point: The Vicious And Virtuous Circle, launch event for the latest issue of /seconds published by Peter Lewis

17th Oct 2008, 2 - 5pm presentation by Shiho Fukuhara as part of her artist residency at ambientTV.NET

18th Oct 2008, 7 - 11pm
Victorian Gardens, dinner performance to launch E:vent's upcoming Victorian Garden project by Joakim Borda, Verina Gfader, Colm Lally, and Gerald Straub

This exhibition is part of The Wharf Road Project organised by V22. The Wharf Road Project brings more than 20 innovative contemporary art initiatives together for the first time in a central location, creating a seminal showcase for the more unusual and innovative. The Wharf Road Project is not an art fair, but a large-scale exhibition featuring the best of London's specialist and experimental art spaces, complemented by a programme of performances, screenings, music and guided tours.