Jeannette Louie

I create portraits of subjectivities, streams of consciousness that are oftentimes governed by emotion and influenced by environment. Personal iconographies and ideologies are depicted within these artworks. In the past, the artworks have taken the form of installations, sculptures, photography and drawings. At present, they are manifesting as video installations. I am currently working on a compilation of videos loosely titled "matter".

"matter" explores the mental relationship with the environment. The news media often discusses how a community is afflicted by a general malaise (examples of which can be seen in Italian and Turkish broadcasts). "matter" focuses on specific areas around upstate New York and southern New Jersey (USA). These areas are in the midst of decay, but are also being gentrified by consumer development and utilized by the general public. I spend time in these areas in order to create quasi-fictional narratives that are a mix of still imagery, animation and movement. I follow an inquiry that highlights how an individual's stream of consciousness can influence the perception and creation of the world. I consider the possibility that embedded within streams of consciousness lie the philosophical musings that link individuals to each other. By presenting these aesthetic subjectivities, relevance is placed upon the human presence and its cognitive minutia, which is often overlooked in the ever-growing globalizing terrain of unification.