Christian Sievers

Subject: Proposal for Tashkeel June 2008 
Date: Thursday, May 15, 2008 14:07 
Conversation: Proposal for Tashkeel June 2008 
Category: Work 

Dear Sam,

As part of my ongoing research into emergency systems I would like to install an anti-theft and -vandalism system that fills the entire space within a very short time with a dense white fog. This is an entirely new idea (and a German patent). It's impossible to make a shop completely break-on safe, but you can make sure the burglars won't be able to steal anything. Intruders are unable to locate the goods, panic and flee. Already department stores, jewelleries, boutiques, gas stations etc. use this method; apparently very successfully.

I am in contact with the agency that sells these systems to provide them for me. You can see their website here: If collaborating with them fails we can simulate their devices with a range of powerful disco/club fog machines. I would need at least 5 devices, with a capacity to fill the available space in 30 seconds. (good standard fog machines have a capacity of 1,000 cubic metres/minute, the stronger, the better). We might have to do some calculations.

My thinking is that Dubai in June can probably use some artificial clouds against the desert sun. Also I love the idea that you won't be able to see further than a metre or so in the entire gallery. The audience's experience of art works will be radically different from what it would be like in clear view - suddenly there's a room for intimate encounters with art. And with one another, if you like. Or see it, if you want, as a release from art. For a few moments you don't have to look at it.

Health-and-safety wise there shouldn't be any problems. The fog is safe to breathe and will disperse by itself in a few minutes. The audience will be warned well in advance, so no-one should get afraid. It's an extraordinary situation, that's for sure. But that's why I like the idea so much, and I hope we can realise it at Tashkeel.

Best, Christian