17 Sekunden Kunst

Lena von Lapschina

For years, Lena Lapschina has been filming everyday situations while traveling, which oscillate from the absurd to the banal. She uses this to make short videos that present a work in only 17 seconds. The films all deal with art, but specifically with perception. In the video 'Once around the block' a man leaves a party in Vienna City to get some fresh air, takes off his clothes, runs once around the block and puts his clothes calmly back on. A quicker answer to the question 'What is art?' is hardly imaginable.

(Paolo Bianchi)

This piece was shown last week at the 12th International Festival Of New Film, in Split, Croatia. Originally commissioned by O.K Centrum, consisting of eight video works:

Making friends (35'')
Once around the block (48'')
Eugen's Appartment (mini-soap, 7 episodes, 4'22'')
You don't get a chance for a celebration every day of the week (5 episodes, 3'23''; original title: Feste feiern)
Bowing takes practice (30''; original title: Verbeugungsübung)
Neue Kollektion kommt (3 episodes, 1'44'')
Artist in residence (3 episodes, 2'19'')
Nichts geworden (35'')