The Suspensions

David Boulogne

From a series of colour and black and white images collected over 8 years. They do not follow chronological order but adopt a specific format (6X7).

The interest of the SUSPENSIONS lies in the non-intention of composing a distinctive body of work. Going back on what has been produced without having a specific purpose in mind reveals obsession. Loneliness, doubt, emptiness, pause, a certain abstraction and repetition within the real. Humans remain absent or non-acting, so that the built environment stands by proxy, its unconscious working its own way, banning the contemporary occidental man from representation. There is fact and its abandon, a feeling that we are running towards a cliff-edge. Many views are blocked like dead ends or at crossroads where the photograph alone determines a role as a portrayer of the world, like the collector of exquisite vacuities ultimately unnecessary, yet contingent.

The SUSPENSIONS are a platform from which to view the future. Images on hold, like stones, high in the air and ready to drown.