Something For The Weekend ===================

Ami Clarke

Something for the weekend
as the chassis shuddered
mounting the kerb
she dived slowly
arching her back
swallowed into the drink
her imminent collision with her own reflection
breaking the spell as it shattered and swallowed her alive, he laughed
dropped her body into the soup
it sank a little
nestling into the sand
soon lapped by the seas furious advance
up towards the sun
plucking a furious pizzicato
I never drink water
fish fuck in it
rain hit the pavement blinding her with sunlight
it's dynamic outside and a dynamo inside
a perfect expression of fabled creative energy and inspired art
it made me feel that I might be found dead in a crumpled heap of metal
and whatever other things they're made of
my pretty
they're designed to wrap you in specialness
despite the four-wheel drive and computerised traction
control appears minimal
the pedal almost all the way to the metal
chopping up through the gears
so the exhaust wails
and spits fire
and the tacho repeatedly hits the red line
a wild weird peal of laughter and her bicycle fades into a broom
long shot
if you get what you want
do you like what you get?
a wedge of newspaper announced the death list
carefully counted to ensure no last survivor would settle in the dark
on her bed
on her lip or her eyes
closed to the feathery suction of proboscis
if you get what you want
do you like what you get
or did you just want to rattle the cage?

rain hit the pavement blinding her with sunlight.