Samuel Hasler

As it is so awesome and totally completely massively..., it's remarkably absent. Something beyond our grasp, beyond our comprehension. Something that is bursting the seams of words like Blitz, Auschwitz, Hiroshima. The words cannot contain the millions of actual real events, the chaos and banality that fill out the heavy mass of "The War".

Post war (which as a term itself very much implies a building on the foundations of "War" (the term containing no sense of fear or mourning where we might have expected it)), is where we place words and ideas about the technological revolution and post modernist reinterpretation of relationships. Elvis. Post-modern. Liberty. Popular culture. Globalisation. Sex in the city. Football (hooliganism). Fanaticism. The routes here between scenes or phrase events are not clear. But there is a sense of a heavy handed presence, a lurking monster. It would be a like the relationship between a waitress and her clients in a café near Loch-ness. She attends tables but somewhere beyond café latte, blueberry muffin, and six pounds fifty, a monster present or absent (prehistoric story of monster) remains an influence on their presence (their reason for meeting). Sustains the system that operates around the lake. (The water, dark deep, black depths of weight, itself occupies the space of the myth and operates as the monster (attraction MONSTER (and again with no effect/sense of fear where we might expect it.))