Instruction Manual for Grass Breath Spit Trumpet

Allsopp and Weir

Video stills taken from Grass Breath Spit Trumpet (allsopp&weir, 2007)

1. Breathe on a patch of grass.

2. Take the grass from the earth into your hands, put it into your mouth.

3. Carrying the grass in your mouth, crawl on your hands and knees to the trumpet, which is buried in the ground.

4. Spit the grass into the trumpet.

5. Continue on your hands and knees to the pipe.

6. Blow on the pipe. Your breath will travel through the pipe, which is connected to the trumpet, and emerge as sound.

7. Return to the start position and breathe on the patch of grass again.

8. Pull up the grass and put it in your mouth

9. Crawl to the trumpet and spit it in.

10. Crawl to the pipe and blow.

11. Return to Step One.

12. Continue the circuit until the trumpet becomes so full of grass you can no longer make any sound, or until a point of exhaustion.