Miriam Steinhauser is a public display case for invited artists and was founded in July 2007. The domain name outlines the subject artists are invited to interpret. In both the English and German languages the notion of the shimmer corresponds. Shimmer is a vague expression, resisting determination (e.g."to appear as a wavering or flickering image, as in a reflection on water or through heat waves in air").

The editor invites artist-friends mainly from Zurich, Switzerland and London to contribute a visual interpretation of the notion of shimmer with one picture of their choice.

It is possible for these artists to either browse the vast quantity of images on the internet and download what seems to them an apt interpretation of the term shimmer or, alternately, they may contribute a picture of their own production. Each month, another artist’s selection will be uploaded. is run by Zurich-based artist Miriam Steinhauser as part of her artistic practice. The initial concept for arises from the artist’s visit to the German Film Museum in Frankfurt.

On display at the museum are a number of examples of 18th century curio boxes, called raree shows or peep shows. Decades before the mediums of photography and film were invented, the people of the time found it entertaining to look inside these boxes and spot a picture. Using contemporary internet technology, Miriam Steinhauser will create an experience similar to these ‘boxes’ – hence the rationale for the selection of one picture from each artist – presented alongside relatively sparse framing texts.

September 2007