History of Disappearance

Martha Wilson

Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda Santiago Chile


City: Santiago

The Centro de Documentación (Cedoc), located in the Centro Cultural Palacio la Moneda- under the Presidential Palace- is an archive that has been running for a year and a half since opening to the public. It is the first place in Chile that houses the local artistic production of the last 30 years. We have initiated an audiovisual collection of performances, conversations, documentation of independent Chilean art spaces and the art insertion outside the museums, such as urban art and action art.

During the 70s in Chile there was a strong action art movement that was very political and socially charged. Presently, the performances sustain different concerns, some related to criticizing the neo-liberal system, among other issues. That is why Martha Wilson's archive, which attempts to preserve ephemeral works produced inside the United States that coincide with the same decades of interest for the Cedocęs investigation, constitutes a perfect international parallel for the local public.

Upholding this vision we created the Open Archive program in 2006, as a platform to be used for the dialog, exchange and reflection surrounding the documentation transferences, the new categories, supports and future projections of the archiving functions. The result is the extension of the archive's usage and academic possibilities, reaching out to new audiences through documental exposition that also enable people to reflect upon contemporary practices.

Alongside History of Disappearance there will be a presentation of "Multinodo Metajuego: Cybersyn. Sinergia Cibernética", a documentary rescue project brought by a cybernetic information management and transference system created by a multidisciplinary group (engineers, designers, computer programmers and philosophers, all under the direction of Englishman Staford Beer) during President Salvador Allendeęs government (1971-1973). This project consisted in integrating within one sole network all the state companies in relation with the social areas of the State, through out innovating technologies known as Synco o Cyberyn, that were ended with the arrival of the dictatorship.

Museum Man, is conceived by curator and artist Adam Nankervis, who is visiting the country. The History of Disappearance collection consists of an archive directed by the New York based artist Martha Wilson.

Isabel Garcia Santiago 2007

History of Disappearance

List of videos of performance artists

Martha Wilson


Ron Athey "Four Scenes in a Harsh Life"

Patty Chang "Fountain"

Billy X. Curmano "Swimming the Mississippi"

Deborah Edmeades "The Fancy Ladies"

John Fleck "I Got the He-Be-She-Be' s"

Andrea Fraser "Museum Highlights"

Coco Fusco "The Couple in the Cage"

Ilona Granet "Rape Tape"

Teh-Ching Hsieh "One Year Performance (Time Clock)"

Yvette Helin "Pedestrian Project"

Donna Henes "Eggs On End"

Kim Irwin "Wanted: X-Cheerleaders"

Tari Ito "FACE---Memory of the Epidermis"

Julie Laffin "Various States of D(u)ress"

Jessie Jane Lewis compilation tape

Susan Mogul "Take Off"

Linda Montano "Mitchell's Death"

Matt Mullican hypnosis performance, Utrecht

Pat Oleszko compilation tape

William Pope.L "The Crawl Project"

Reverend Billy political actions

Nigel Rolfe "The Rope"

Annie Sprinkle "Post-Porn Modernist"

William Wegman reading with Man Ray

Kriota Willberg "Doggie Style"