The 'Let Harry Out For Christmas' Campaign

Harry Roberts

Harry Roberts killed three policemen in 1966, now a group of artists have set up an organisation to have him freed from jail.

The campaign is to hold a two week candlelight vigil outside Peckham Police Station in South East London from 6pm on Friday 8th of December 2006 until Christmas Day.

A spokesman for the group Dan Thurwen said "Harry Roberts deserves a parole hearing, he has spent 40 years behind bars, even though he was only sentanced to 30 years. It is against his human rights that he has not been allowed a hearing. The vigil is an attempt to get harry out of prison so that he can spend Christmas a free man."

"We are hoping that hundreds of people turn up and join the vigil. Harry has a significant link with the area and is an infamous local hero as he is still sung about on the terraces of Millwall Football Club."

"It is time the Home Secretary granted Harry Roberts a pardon. We know that it was wrong what Harry did but he was given his punishment he has served his time and now he deserves a chance to go free."

If you would like to join the vigil or you want some more info email us at or call 07956084780. is part of Shibboleth an art exhibition curated by Charlie Fox and others, which is being held at Dilston Grove, southwest corner of Southwark Park and is funded by local organisations 18 November-9 December 2006.