Colm Lally

Threshold, an architectural commission by E:vent

Artists Volker Morawe and John Wynne in collaboration with AA Dip 9 [Kevin Ling, Moe Ekapob, Rajat Sodhi, Killion Mokwete, Yumen Chan, Chris Kwong Hang Wong], unit master John Bell, and independent curator Chloe Vaitsou.

The group was commissioned to redraw and reunderstand the E:vent gallery space using sound. Sound artists and architects worked together over the course of one month to experiment with the space. The result was Salon20, a reconditioned beauty machine. In its former life it was used to burn fat, a machine for sculpting the body to advertising standard. An old 1970's Salon20 was found on the street outside the gallery and brought into the workshop for hacking - the electric circuits were transformed to use the knobs and the original rhythm of the electric voltage which was switched on and off to stimulate the muscles. This project intervened in the process of beautification, corrupted, abstracted and extended the functionality of the machine to achieve an understanding of inhabited space.

Images by Anna Destefanis