Steven Wong

Steven Wong, artist and curator, started MAPP (multiple autonomous platforms presents) as a platform for ideas. Wong has worked, significantly for his practice, from a global perspective, staying in Los Angeles, London, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok, and constantly travelling between, a move which seeks to interrogate the western episteme from non-fixed viewpoints. In this he has absorbed and interrogated the many strategies employed by institutions of dominance. Presenting the film works of Straub/Huillet at UCLA as a work of conceptual art, where he collaborated with Christopher Williams and produced performance, catalogue, text and image around the works. The artists only allowed the films to be staged if they were complete as a total oeuvre, providing Wong with a ‘forced choice’ that demanded intellectual and material rigor. Wong’s project Cinema City (derived from stills from the history of Japanese cinema) attests to the meticulous attention that mediates personal expression of image and material vis a vis impersonal or machine representations and technologies. Wong currently directs MAPP as a fluid artists’ project space, having recently undertaken projects in Singapore and Beijing. His recent exhibitions include 100 Artists See God at the ICA, London, curated by John Baldessari and Meg Cranston.