Dimitra Vamiali

Dimitra Vamiali works in the gap between artist and curator to create spaces of potentiality, as an aspect of the experience of individuation, “becoming” complex and in flux rather than from the point or meaning of identity. Throughout her work as both an artist and curator, Dimitra Vamiali seems to attempt to trace the parameters and dimensions that hold the potential for change and transformation. With Sofia Vamiali she curated the exhibition Objecthood 00 at the Hellenic-American Union in Athens (1999) and Open Plan P3 - The Marathon in Alphadelta and Artio galleries also in Athens (2001) as well as the project Looking For Heroes, presented in various venues in Greece (2002), with the participation of important international artists. Since 2003 Dimitra Vamiali and Sofia Vamiali have run a project gallery space in Athens and have organised exhibitions of British and Greek Art. She has recently also participated in the exhibitions Contemporary Art in Amsterdam, the 6th Sharjah International Biennale, Art Now in Athanassiadou Gallery in Thessaloniki and Domestic Alien in Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Centre in Athens.