Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt, artist and curator, has recently been Assistant Curator at the Norwich Gallery and EAST and the director and publisher of Slimvolume Poster Publication. Slimvolume has commissioned works from over a hundred artists during its four years and has set a precedent in how curating can facilitate ideas, rather than foreclose projects by generalising in theory or conceit. The structural approach is motivated by the internal relationships between each work in the publication and the publication’s recipients, who are selected by the artists and Hunt. In other words an imaginary community is built around both strategic and ‘arbitrary’ connections. An archive is then assembled, which is methodologically structured yet continuously re-inscribed by the less apparent social relations that have formed it. Slimvolume Poster Publication is a yearly publishing project that was initiated at the end of 2000 to provide an open space for artists to expand their practice within a collaborative framework. In 2001 Slimvolume took part in the touring exhibition Make it Happen in Copenhagen and at the Kunstalle Rooseum in Malmo, while Slimvolume Poster Publication 2001 was shown at the Austrian Cultural Forum, London, Sparwasser HQ, Berlin, and Konst-ig, Stockholm. The second issue of Slimvolume Poster Publication was launched in 2002 at Vilma Gold in London. The third edition contained new work by the thirty artists chosen for EAST International 2003, together with editions by Toby Webster and Eva Rothschild, the 2003 EAST selectors. The fourth issue has recently been exhibited at Redux in the form of a ‘traditional’ exhibition. Hunt is also Reviews Editor for Untitled and a contributing critic to Frieze and a number of other publications.