All the nations are illegal

Al Fadhil

From a conversation between Al Fadhil in Berlin and his brother Ahmed in Baghdad via the web dated Monday 23 January 2006 1:55 PM GMT


Al Fadhil: Hello Ahmed, 'All the nations are illegal', this is the latest idea for a work. What do you think?

Ahmed: It is a very strange idea; do you mean governments or peoples?

Al Fadhil: I mean the nations in a political sense.

Ahmed: I don't know how you can refer to all nations in this way. I never want to get into an argument about which I have no idea, as to how it will end, but arguably it would be better for you to say, 'All rulers are illegal' in this case it's possible to say there is some truth and reason in this statement.

Al Fadhil: It is a good idea, but...

Ahmed: But?

Al Fadhil: The truth is that all countries were initially established as political objects. But all governments come and go.

Ahmed: This has been a fact since the beginning